Have you been charged with domestic violence? Are you facing unjust domestic violence charges? Let our experienced attorney help you through this legal matter. Domestic violence can be one of the worst experiences to live through, but with the help of a trusted, aggressive attorney, you can get the support you need to make important decisions about your future. Talk to us as soon as possible about your legal matter.

Our reasonable rates and payment plans make it possible

We offer reasonable rates to help ensure everyone has access to the support they need in domestic violence matters. Our payment plans and credit card payment options further make it possible for you to get the support you need affordability.

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Don’t go into court alone. Let our attorney be there for you before and throughout your case. We’ll provide you with frank, accurate information about what you are facing. Whether you are working to protect your child and yourself or working to prevent fraudulent charges against yourself, we’ll be there by your side.

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Come in for a FREE initial consultation to discuss your case. We’ll always provide you with personalized service and aggressive legal support throughout it. We’re here for you for any legal matter including:

  • Domestic violence defense
  • Domestic violence in child custody matters
  • Filing charges against another person
  • Emergency protective orders
  • Emergency custody matters
  • Any other domestic violence matter

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