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Honest, Trustworthy Legal Services

Divorce • Custody
Support • Domestic Violence


For those considering divorce, the risks and worries can be overwhelming. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can make the best decisions for your future. You’ll have the information you need to get through this process. Put your trust in my extensive knowledge of all aspects of divorcing in Kentucky.

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Child Custody

When you are facing child custody and child support issues, you deserve an experienced attorney by your side. I’ll provide thoughtful, exceptional service to you. This includes providing you with accurate, up-to-date information about your legal options and an honest assessment of your situation. With the information I provide, you’ll be able to make the most advantageous decisions for both you and your child or children.

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Child Support

When you are facing child support issues, you deserve an experienced attorney by your side who knows how child support is related to parenting time, and how child support has changed in Kentucky. I’ll provide you with thoughtful, exceptional, accurate, and up-to-date information on child support issues in Kentucky, and I’ll advise you how much child support a judge may award you or how much child support a judge may order you to pay. I’ll explain what you can legally do to maximize the child support you get or minimize the amount you have to pay. With the child support information I provide, you’ll be able to make the best financial decisions for both you and your child or children.

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Domestic Violence

Are you the victim of, or have you been falsely charged with, domestic violence? Domestic violence charges can be handled in family court or, if severe enough, in criminal court. Domestic violence can be one of the worst experiences to live through. As an alleged perpetrator, your guns will be confiscated, and you can lose custody rights to your children. As the victim of domestic violence, you’ll be reporting on a partner who allegedly has already abused you. Let our experienced attorney help you with this troubling legal matter. With the help of our trusted, aggressive attorney, you’ll get the support you need to best handle the legal ramifications of a domestic violence case. Talk to us as soon as possible about your domestic violence issue.

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“I have requested the services of Attorney Dean Sutton on several occasions over the years. Whether I was only seeking information, needed a question answered or required him to represent me in family court (collecting child support), Mr. Sutton never failed to provide and fulfill my requests. Even in areas that were not his primary focus of practice… Mr. Sutton always treated me with respect, dignity, and above all, if he didn’t have the answer, he would look into the matter and get back with me and provide guidance. Mr. Sutton has always been friendly, fair, knowledgeable and supportive in all my legal needs. I would recommend him to anyone seeking the services of an attorney. I would not hesitate to personally request his services again, should the need arise. Mr. Sutton always made me feel in control and confident when I was treading in unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations. Thank you Dean for helping me through difficult situations and giving me outcomes that were most desirable each and every time.”


“Dean Sutton is an outstanding attorney. While I had worked with other Attorneys before Attorney Dean Sutton took my case, I had been overcharged and treated like a number. Dean Sutton, on the other had treated my case like I was his only client and resolved my case quickly and professionally. He displayed great integrity, professionalism, and expertise in all matters relating to me. I would recommend Dean to anyone seeking fair and expert legal services. He is simply the best. His fees are fair and he will work with you regarding payments and personal circumstances. Give him a call and see for yourself.”


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